Rev. P. Claudius Deah, Sr. & Rev. Ruth M. Deah
Senior Pastors
Mission Bethel Church, USA

Mission Bethel Congregation

Rev. Amie & Malado Diallo

District Overseers of Mali

Mission Bethel


We believe the Word of God, love the Lord Jesus, love His people, love sinners by preaching to them the gospel of repentance and teaching them to respect all the principles of God’s word. We believe that your “click” into this website was not coincident. God leads you here on purpose. We are a nurturing, loving, caring, Bible believing, Bible teaching and practicing ministry with a big heart who worships a Big God. If you are a Christian, you are in this vision, join us. If not a Christian, we invite you to know Him personally and become our brother or sister. Whatever The Lord instructs you to do, do it.

Mission Bethel Ministries International is a ministry dedicated to winning the lost and making disciples of all nations as commanded by our lord Jesus Christ. Pursuant to our mission as a ministry, we have established 47 churches in 6 different countries around the globe and a growing membership aggregate over 8,000 members worldwide. We commissioned over 50 missionaries and pastors who are impacting lives with the gospel around the world.

Praise be to God, who continues to strengthen you our partners, members, and leaders for your dedicated support towards the growth and furtherance of Mission Bethel Ministries International.