In the year 2000, when Pastor Deah and his Pastors were finally relocating from Muslim Guinea to their home country Liberia, Pastor Daniel Carlson Saah who was then serving as the Director for the N’Zerekore Bible School that Pastor Deah helped to start and serve as Administrator and Teacher, left with his family for Bamako, Mali to carry the Bible School to this Muslim nation. As our policy had been, we carry Bible School then through the Bible School first graduates are used to start the church following the Lord’s leading.  Pastor Daniel Castron Saah started the church and Pastor Christopher Toliver and his wife Rebecca were the first Pastors. A God fearing couple, When The Tolivers left for Comeroon, Pastors Amie Sembeno Conate and his loving wife MALADO Dieke Diallo took over as Pastors to this Date,(December 30, 2014).

These wonderful God loving and patient young couple have shepherd the congregation ably till now and continue to with God been their helper. Because of the recent ongoing war in Mali we have suspended the other two fellowships for safety reasons.